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Cole Norton

President, Flight Instructor

Cole is the President of P&N. 

He is an Airline Transport Pilot Multiengine with a Citation type rating, Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea, Rotorcraft Helicopter and Gyroplane, Lighter than Air Balloon, Glider and Remote Pilot (drone), 

He holds Helicopter and Gyroplane, Airplane Single Engine, Multiengine and Instrument CFI, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor.

Cole specializes in instructing Commercial pilot students, Initial CFI students, and stage checks for P&Ns private pilot students. He is also an FAA Safety Team Representative, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and Chief Pilot of the FAA approved 135 Air Charter certificate for P&N. 


Jackie Sebetka

Manager, Vice President

Jackie is P&N's VP and the flight school manager. She is very proud to be a part of a family run business.  She is currently a student pilot, airplane owner, and is passionate about aviation. Jackie was a senior project manager at a Fortune 500 for 20 years before joining P&N. 


Lucas Rinaldi

Operations Manager, Airline Transport Pilot & Flight Instructor

Lucas is originally from Argentina and holds a FAA and ICAO ATP MEL, COM SEL, SES, B737 and B777 type ratings. He is also a CFI with 3500+ total flight hours. He has international experience as Airline First Officer, Corporate pilot, Flight instructor, Banner and Glider towing on Tailwheel airplanes.


Luke Niemi

Flight Instructor

Luke is originally from Wisconsin. He based at Marion and instructing full time with P&N for 3 years. You will recognize Luke because of his Hawkeyes cap and the way he says "ROGER!" on the radio! Ask for Luke if you need multi-engine or tailwheel instruction.


Bear Armstrong

Dispatcher, Private Pilot

Bear is going to make sure you are all set for your flight!. 


Dylan Morris

Flight Instructor

Dylan graduated from University of North Dakota with a Degree in Commercial Aviation. He holds a Commercial Airplane Single Engine Land, Certified Flight Instructor Certificate and is an Instrument Flight Instructor. Dylan is based at Independence and Instructing full time. 


Caden Roffey

Flight Instructor

Caden earned all of his certificates and ratings here at P&N and we recently welcomed him to the team as a flight instructor right before he graduated high school. Although already an instructor, he's continuing to work on additional endorsements. Caden brings enthusiasm into aviation and is excited to help anyone with their aviation goals


Annabelle Magsamen


Annabelle works part time in Independence helping with greeting customers, scheduling students, tracking maintenance and proctoring FAA Written Exams.

steve- photo website.jpg

Steve Streeter

Airframe Powerplant Mechanic 

Inspection Authorization 



Bonnie Roth

Flight Instructor

Bonnie is a CFI, CFI-I, MEL, AGI, UAS, and a Gold Seal Instructor with over 7,000 hours. She is a passionate pilot with a great ability to relate to students with real-world flight experience! She contributed to the F22 project for 8 years at Rockwell Collins before starting flying herself. Bonnie's students have a 90% pass rate. She also flies corporate charters on occasion.


Derek Harsen

Chief Flight Instructor

Derek has over 7,000 hours in single and multi engine airplanes. His flight time includes thousands of instruction-given time as well as flying for charter companies and corporate flight departments. 


Jan Walton

Pilot Examiner, Instructor

Jan is a Commercial Pilot (SEL, MEL, RTC), Certified Flight Instructor (SEL, MEL, RTC, Instrument), Advanced Ground Instructor, Master CFI, NAFI 2006 CFI of the Year, & FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. Jan is most happy when flying a helicopter with the doors off, but will happily instruct in airplanes as well. 


Malcolm Cleope

Flight Instructor

Malcolm is a Certified Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine and Instrument who loves to teach and is passionate about flying.  Previously, he was a missionary/bush pilot overseas, flying to various remote islands and grass airstrips.  Malcolm is a former college instructor and has extensive multiengine experience. 

Justin .jpg

Justin Rucker

Flight Instructor

Justin is a originally from Texas and from a Family of Pilots. He holds Commercial Single Engine, Multi-Engine, and is a certified Flight Instructor. He also has his tailwheel complex airplane and high performance airplane experience.

steve- photo website.jpg

Richard Baillargeon

Flight Instructor

Richard is a Commercial Pilot (SEL, SEA) Certified Flight Instructor (SEL, SEA, Instrument, Multiengine) He also has experience as an  Airline Transport Pilot. 

steve- photo website.jpg

Jeff Streeter

Airframe Powerplant Mechanic



Benny (and the jets)

Airport Dog

He would stick his head out of the airplane window like in the car if we would let him. He will be your co-pilot in exchange for any type of food or if you leave the airplane door unattended he might just jump in. 

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