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Where do you want to go? 

Cleared for Takeoff. We'll get back to you shortly.

Skip the Lines

Long TSA lines, layovers, flight delays, crowded, confusing terminals, and airline fees can cause some headaches on the way to and from your destination. This way you can keep your shoes on and pull your car straight up to the airplane.


Add a bit of luxury to the start of you trip with catering of your choice and complimetary spirits and snacks. Anywhere in the midwest is now within 3 hours flight time, for a fourth a cost of a jet. 

Cost Effective

Our aircraft is ideal for 2-4 travelers. Split the cost and you can even save over airline pricing for a round trip on short trips. Typically anywhere in the midwest is cost effective. Based on the aircraft we currently use, longer trips like Arizona, west of the rockies, the east coast, and southern Florida are not as practical from our base in Iowa


Save time and hassle with P&N charter flights. You won't have to worry about extra nights on the road or waiting for the next available commercial flight to head home. Arrive at your meeting, trade show, or conference, and return on the same day.


Business travel should be down to business and vacation is supposed to be relaxing!  That's not always the case when flying on commercial airlines or driving.

On your schedule

Our FAA certificated Commercial Pilot will layover for departure at your convenience. No additional fees for one-day trips.

A36 Bonanza

The airplane is a 6 place (5 passenger) maximum seating with a 360 horsepower turbocharged engine. It is equipped for flight in most weather and can carry 1400lbs.

Safe and Secure

You know exactly who is on the airplane with you.We keep all of your personal information confidential. In addition to the pilot, this charter operation is also FAA Approved. Pilots are trained and tested every 6 months at a minimum.

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