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Marion Municipal
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1710 Marion Airport Road, Marion, IA

Tel: 319-377-0457

Unicom 122.7

Runway 17/35 3700FT

8am-4pm Mon-Fri

8am-4pm Sat-Sun

Office Unattended During IFR 

Clinton Municipal
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2000 S 60th Street, Clinton, IA 52732

Tel: 563-244-4770

Runway 3/21 5200FT

Runway14/32 4200FT
Unicom 122.8


8am-5pm Mon-Fri

Sat-Sun - Closed

Call Out Available

Independence Municipal
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1684 230th Street, Independence, IA

Tel: 319-777-9488

Runway 18/36 5500FT

Unicom 122.8


8:30am-4:30pm Wed-Sun

Mon-Tuesday Unattended

Call Out Available

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