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Private Pilot

Ground supplement to the flight training to become a private pilot and pass the private pilot knowledge test. The private pilot certification allows you to fly in fair weather, day or night, and carry passengers. 


Commercial Pilot

Prepare in person for the commercial pilot written test. Commercial pilots are allowed to fly for hire in dozens of areas including charter, aerial survey, and air tours.


Instrument Pilot

Learn about flying only using reference to instruments. Follow an instrument flight plan to get to your destination safely through clouds plus in and out of the worlds largest airports.

Each ground school class is accomplished in person in a classroom setting. The curriculum can also be studied one-on-one with a CFI as part of the flight training if you are unable to attend one of the classes. We strongly advise against some flight schools that offer two day weekend classes; while this may be less time commitment, it produces bad habits, minimal retention, and low test scores. P&N's ground schools are typically in partnership with Kirkwood Community College Continuing Education. The best flying weather is in the summer months and we do not typically hold a ground school then. Start dates are in January, March, and September. Each class is 8 weeks long and one night per week from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. There are no prerequisites but we encourage some lesson time with a flight instructor in an airplane before taking a class. The classes are geared towards all types of aircraft including airplanes and helicopters. Once class is complete or you receive an endorsement from your instructor, you may take the test at our test center in Marion, one of only a few in the state.

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