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Helicopter Air Tour

We offer tours for up to 2 People* on the same flight.
Explore with greater detail your favorite area of the city thanks to the versatility of our Enstrom 280C.
Helicopters can fly at slower speeds and lower altitudes than airplanes, giving you a great opportunity to do observation flights, not mentioning it is more fun!

*depending on passenger's weight

Airplane Air Tours depart from any of our three FBO locations in Clinton, Independence, or Marion. We can accommodate 1-3 passengers for these half hour tours. Maximum combined passenger weight depends on specific aircraft but is typically 600 lbs. Helicopter tours are for 1-2 passengers (1 Full Size Adult and 1 Child or 2 Small Adults/Children). Helicopter tours depart from Marion only, but can be arranged from anywhere including on private property at the normal hourly rate. 

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