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Please check this page often for new class dates and times.

Private Pilot Ground School Class

Instructor: Jan Walton (DPE)

Course/Class: CTRV-1200/124321

Class Start Date: 1/11/2022

Class Duration: 8 Tuesday sessions starting 1/11/2022

Class Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Next Class: March

Instrument Pilot Ground School Class

Instructor: Jan Walton (DPE)


Class Start Date: March/2022

Class Duration: 

Class Time: 

Next Class: March

Private Pilot Ground School Class

The Cost is $99 and pay to Kirkwood directly upon registration.

Held at Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center. Classroom: 210

Address: 1770 Boyson Road   Hiawatha IA 52233   West of I-380

Park in the rear of the building.

Books/Supplies: $118.45, Purchase directly from P&N Flight

and Charter (Marion).

Note: Books will be available for purchase after 1/7/22. You can stop in at P&N to pick them up during business hours or on the 1st day of class if are unable to get them before class starts.

How to Register online: 

-Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to Search by course name

-Enter:  "Private Pilot"

-Click on the session that starts 1/11/2022

-Add to Cart and checkout.


Instrument Pilot Ground School Class

We do not have an Instrument class scheduled at this time. 

Please check back later.

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