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You've finally found us!.  For your entire life, you've dreamed of flying.  You look to the sky every time you hear the beat of a propeller against the wind or the thunder of a commercial jet flying overhead.  Don't put it off any longer.  It's time to go wheels up on your dream or cruise into a new, exciting career.
Start your aviation journey at P&N Flight and Charter Being a Pilot for a Day!. No ground school or prior experience needed!

Our instructors are AVAILABLE

P&N has several full-time instructors that will fly when it works best for your schedule.  This isn't always the case at other schools.  

We can fly before work, over your lunch hour, after work or on weekends.

Our instructors LOVE to fly and fly often. The more often you fly, the faster you learn and the more money you can potentially save.

We are open every day of the year and you pick your own hour and a half sessions on the online schedule system!

Let's talk NUMBERS

If you can fly frequently, you will learn faster and achieve each milestone sooner.

Many aspiring pilots give up after thousands of dollars spent because their flight school doesn't have enough aircraft and instructors available. If you fly more often, it will take you less flight hours and save money.

Fly often and solo sooner at P&N.  

Stop making excuses! With today's great financing options, you can become a private pilot for as low as $150 a month!  That's less than your car payment - and your car doesn't have wings!

For fun or a CAREER

You can obtain your Private Pilot's license, Instrument Rating, Commercial License or become a Certified Flight Instructor by learning at P&N.

The Cedar Rapids/Marion area is an affordable place to live.  If you desire a career in aviation, you may save money by starting your journey at Marion, even when taking into account relocation costs.

Accelerated training is available for add on ratings like multiengine, tailwheel endorsements, and complex endorsements.

Are you ready to fly yet?

When it comes to learning to fly for pleasure or for a career, there are many flight schools to choose from.  Not all flight schools are created equal.  P&N is located at non-towered airports with practice areas within the immediate vicinity of the airports. At larger airports with controlled airspace, you have to wait for other traffic, a clearance from ATC and may have to travel quite a bit to get to the practice area. 

The cost structure of any flight school is based on the amount of time the engine is running, so less time waiting on the ground or traveling to a practice area means less money wasted!

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