P&N Flight & Charter was founded in 1981 by Jan Walton and her late husband, Perry.  Jan is still an active Certified Flight Instructor at P&N, having logged thousands of hours in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Cole as a young student knew he wanted to do something other than the status-quo of flying for the airlines. He took over the business in 2016. 


Countless professional pilots with careers in aviation trained at P&N Flight & Charter and many stop back in to share their fond memories of learning to fly at P&N.  Some will even radio a "hello" from commercial airliners some 35,000 feet above the airport. Learning to fly is something special and learning to fly with great people at a unique airport adds to the magic of your flying experience. 


There is an ambitious vision for the future of P&N Flight & Charter. It is an aviation learning destination for aspiring pilots in the Midwest. The goal is to focus on all aspects of general aviation and provide a full range of service. 



What does this mean for you?  It means everything.  The team is committed to providing an excellent atmosphere for learning everything there is to know about flight, all while remembering to have fun in the process.


What makes P&N so unique?

- Dedicated to Flight Training

- Marion, Clinton, and Independence are non-towered airports:  No clearances to wait for and less fuel burned on the ground.  You can park your car, get checked-in and be airborne in 10 minutes! 

- Full-time instructors:  The availability and flexibility of our instructors make it a lot easier to find time to fly and fly often.

Pilots and Navigators

We take a grass-roots, common sense approach to flight training. Learn what is behind all the data in that GPS and what's behind all the modern processes that we accept today in aviation.